From 6.00 am onwards Tiffin with Sprouts, Vegetable Juice. And from 11.30 onwards the natural food like raw rice, the curry with boiled vegetables, leafy curry, meals with pulkas. Inbetween 5 to 7 pm dinner with pulkas, curry with the vegetables having fibre. in Every month first Sunday We are counducting a seminor for "HEALTHY LIFE" Please Contact : 92 46 47 37 37, 88 85 47 37 37 , 98 85 47 37 37 .

Health Care Protection


The activities of “Prakruti Jeevana Vidhanam Followers Association”:

In the part of Prakruti Jeevana Vidhanam with the aim of providing “Health for Everyone” this association was established in the year 2004. Some activities are going on continuously in the part of this association.

  1. “Prevention is better than cure” with this word, your health comes into availability in all your life with your regular systems.
  2. In the part of this intention we arrange a dininghall for all your availability.
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